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   -The Crying Man (memorial)
-Proposal for a Porn Company
-Do You Have Work Tomorrow
-A Memorial to Failure
-Please Stay Blurry
-At Five in the Afternoon
-Proposal for a Romantic Sculpture
-Untitled (Dream)
-Detailed Studies for “Crying Boy,”
-You'd be So Nice to Come Home To
-Google Me / Duplicate Self-portrait
-The Studio as a Work of Art
-Untitled Minimalist Mural
-Thanks 4 the Ad/d
-Safety Zoom
-This Show Is My Business
-As if you weren't in your own Home
-Call for Job
-I am not here, here I am
-From 19th of Sep to 3rd of Oct in the Haber Family House
-15 Minutes of Acting as if I’m in my House
{{{{{{{ Mkmael }}}}}}}
-My House is My Studio and My Studio is My House

Google Me / Duplicate Self-portrait. 2010

Two framed photographs (105 x 75 x 7 cm each), digital collage.

Google Me / Duplicate Self-portrait (2010) presents us with two images as objects. Each image is of a black screen shot displaying a single frame pulled from a video of a public performance at precisely the same moment. A command bar enabling the original viewer of the online video to play, pause, maximize or mute splits each image. Google Me began in 2008 as a response to a predetermined institutional art form (the artist talk) in an international context (the artist residency) for articulating the professional identity of an artist and his practice. Since then it has evolved into a work in multiple renditions that on one level explores the search for and the enactment of an artistic self and its duplicates in the public domain. The piece takes as its point of departure Khaled’s accidental discovery of "Khaled Mahmoud", a popular London-based belly dancer born in Cairo, who the artist found after trying to ‘google’ his own name.









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